Customer Comments

Tina’s customers have been impressed with their experience of treatment and have given permission for the following comments:

Christine, 40s, says…

I consider my sessions with Tina to be a way of looking after my physical and mental well being. It’s my regular bodily maintenance check.

  • I have more energy
  • My anxiety levels are reduced
  • I feel more at peace within myself
  • My health, including my circulation is greatly improved.

In short, I feel like a new woman and can’t recommend highly enough that you should give it a try!

Dr Newman (PhD) says…

Last June, my wife Stella came home after 16 weeks in hospital after a severe stroke. She needed help and one suggestion was reflexology. Well, being ignorant in such matters, it seemed not unlike snake oil but we went with it and I looked at a web site on the subject. This put us in touch with Tina Hitchens who made her first visit in July 2006.

Many things have happened since and Stella is very much improved. Reflexology seems to fire up the nervous system helping the brain to re-establish the pathways lost. Every week since, Tina has attended Stella, she has seen her sit, walk and her visits have generally heralded all of the important moments her recovery. On its own, with regard to Stella’s recovery, reflexology could not achieve all that was required, but in collaboration with intensive physiotherapy it has proved very effective. We will be consulting with Tina until Stella is fully recovered.

To be blunt, I still find it amazing how the body can be diagnosed and treated through the feet and to help this by using hot stones. So what – it works.

Daphne Marlow, March 2007 says

I have been treated by Tina Hitchens for just over a year and have found both her reflexology and deep tissue massage treatments of great benefit. Having suffered with back and neck problems for over 30 years and have had a variety of treatments, I can honestly say that Tina turned my life around.

  • I am more flexible and able to walk easier.
  • My neck movement has improved and my head, which had a tendency to ‘wobble’, is much more stable.
  • The pain is almost non-existent and I am able to do most things without too much trouble.
  • My confidence has been boosted and I feel more relaxed. A chiropractor had told me that I would probably end up in a wheelchair in later years. Tina’s bright personality always lifts my spirits and I am indebted to her for the patience and encouragement she has shown me, and for my newfound energy and ease of movement.

Becky, April 2007 says

During the pregnancy of my second son, I suffered with sickness and nausea constantly day and night. I was prescribed medication from the doctor to control the sickness but this really didn’t help. One desperate evening my husband suggested I contacted Tina to see if reflexology could offer me some relief. This was the turning point in my pregnancy. After my first visit to Tina I immediately felt a difference. Not only did she work on my stomach area to help with the sickness but talked through my negative feelings regarding the pregnancy. I left feeling positive and with the attitude that I could get through this difficult time.

Throughout my pregnancy I visited Tina fortnightly. She continued to help me with other pregnancy issues such as high blood pressure, hip and back pain, water retention and she discovered that my thyroid was not functioning correctly.

At 38 weeks I went into labour naturally and gave birth to a beautiful 9lb8oz boy. Benjamin is very calm and a beauifully natured boy which I am convinced is due to the reflexology. I have continued to visit Tina and feel that my visits give me special “ME” time which every busy mum should have. Thankyou Tina you have made such a difference.