Christina Hitchens, ITEC

Tina Hitchens has lived in Winchester with her husband and children for over 20 years. Whilst her children were growing up, she worked in a special needs school, but her main career has been based in the travel industry, most recently with a cruise company.

A Path to Complementary Therapy

Working on a ship is a very demanding job, and building on an interest in reflexology used on her family and friends, Tina found herself in a position to help relieve some of the tension suffered by her work colleagues through applying her knowledge of reflexology and massage. Her work colleagues found this so effective that they suggested that Tina train for a formal qualification in reflexology.

Tina has since gained a number of qualifications in holistic therapies, and continues to keep up with current research and relevant training courses to extend her skills. Tina found the work and increasing her knowledge so enjoyable, that in 2006 she set up her own home-based business based on holistic therapies, which now includes myofascial work, cranio-sacral therapy, and Barral visceral theory. Her business has since grown through word-of-mouth recommendations.

Tina Says

I love my job and feel privileged to be able to help, offering the highest standards of treatment and care. My approach is holistic, considering the body in its entirety, including mind and spirit. I work with focus and intention, recognizing that pain or problems in one part of the body may be a symptom of problems elsewhere.

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